Friday, May 7, 2010

There's no point making yummy things if the icing sugar sprinkled on top is lumpy.

Lately, I've been baking.

Good stuff, lots of stuff, but I'm not usually a baker, in fact I'm not much a of a kitchen-oriented person at all. The microwave is my best friend.

But then I was introduced to this stupid site with stupid pictures and stupid recipes and they're so yummy to look at and so tempting to make that I make them and pass the blame.

Click it. I dare you.

It's beautiful, overflowing with calories and seductive well-lit photographs (I miss my Nikon). I made Creamsicle Cookies (which were delicious) and Lemon Tartlets (which were also delicious, and made me feel very cool), and then yesterday, I made flour tortillas.

Why did I make tortillas? Better question, why did I make whole wheat tortillas?

'Cause the picture looked pretty. Never in my life have I wanted to make tortillas but looking at the pictures and the recipe and knowing that I had all the ingredients was too much and I acted on the urge to make them.

Not cool, pretty picture, not cool.

They turned out okay. Honestly though, I don't like whole wheat. And I have no idea if I cooked them right 'cause they didn't look like the ones in the picture 'cause those ones aren't whole wheat.

That's not the point.

The point is now it's two a.m. and instead of sleeping or Farmvilling (that's a verb now) or hanging out with friends, I am googling how to poach eggs and wondering if we have a jelly roll pan. Also, what the hell is a jelly roll pan?