Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gala Night! (Show 3)

Gala night was extraordinary.

I'm not going to describe it, 'cause it was filmed so I can always watch it a few years from now instead of reading about it. The sold-out crowd was fantastic, they got all the jokes including the little sneaky ones ("and the tar who ploughed the daughter!")

At the end, after the bows and the reprise, we got a standing ovation and took two more bows until the house lights came on and we ran off. Awesome :)

Afterwords, we all scrambled into our gala dresses and fancy schmancy formal wear and went out to mingle. I saw a lot of people who I haven't seen in several years, which is always fun, and everyone had positive comments about the show, which is even more fun.

After taking far too many pictures and goofing around until the theatre staff kindly reminded us to get the hell out, we went to Boston Pizza. My friend was driving me and two others home and we were halfway to one of their houses when we got pulled over by the cops.

Apparently, we hadn't had our lights on, which is why he pulled us over. However, my friend has her N, which wasn't displayed on the back window, and had three passengers, none of whom were family. Not cool.

Thankfully (and even more awesomely), the cop decided to not give her a ticket, or tickets, and we just pulled into the nearest parking lot and I called home for a ride for two of us. What could have been really really bad (technically, she could have lost her license), turned out pretty good actually.

Yay for Gala nights :)

It is now three twenty two in the morning, I am exhausted (I had work today too) and my hair is finally back in curlers. I was a little sloppy in my hairdressing though, so my eyebrows also got hairsprayed, and I think some went up my nose too.


Tomorrow we have two shows, a matinee and an evening: it's gonna be a long day..