Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pretty Pinwheel: With UPDATE!

It's important to laugh at yourself.

To see the humour, to appreciate your own faults as well as hate them, right?

I really hope so 'cause boy was I laughing tonight!

This evening ('round 11pm 'cause hey, school's out for the summer and I'm still unemployed), I attempted to make these Pinwheel Cookies. They look so pretty! So circular! So yummy!

Making the dough wasn't hard. I've melted chocolate using a double boiler enough times that I didn't make any silly mistakes (for example: cranking up the heat but forgetting to put in water thereby burning the bottom of the pot; not chopping up the chocolate first so that it takes forever, and then having the water boil and adding more cold water and then having that water boil and then thinking 'whatever, I'll add more water in a minute' right before steam started shooting out of the sides, making the upper pot dance).

I left the dough in the fridge (well, freezer 'cause I'm impatient, first mistake!) like the recipe said and stalked on Facebook for a bit, imaging the beautiful cookies I would serve tomorrow. Cockiness: second mistake (although I kept it to myself).

Then came the fun part. The oh-my-god-how-have-I-survived-this-long-without-these-basic-skills part. The laughing part. Well, the laughable part.

The idea is you role out the white dough, then the chocolate dough, then flip one on top of the of the other, role them up and tadah! Beautiful pinwheel cookies!

The reality was sticky. I must have dusted on another cup of flour with every strip of dough to keep it from sticking to the wax paper but it just kept sticking! And then tearing! And then I was frantically trying to poke and pat it back together and getting cookie dough under my fingernails and dusting myself with flour as much as the dough. And then I'm rolling and patting and flipping and rolling some more and finally, finally I get my first log done!

And it's an inch thick.

Uhhhh, it's supposed to be two inches thick and not nearly as motley in colour.

I doubled up the next amount of dough, and 'dusted' the wax paper with flour until there was a nice thick layer coating the entire thing. Well, the entire thing, my dress, and the floor. Whoops.

Essentially, I took a pretty recipe and ruined it.

But I like to think of it this way: tonight, I proved that I'm a miracle child. 'Cause honestly, how many people could have survived this long without the ability to roll-flip-roll? Even with microwaves and mothers, that's still quite a feat. Miracle child, incapable troll of a miracle child!

You've got to laugh at the stupid stuff you do.

And I've got a feeling I'll be laughing for a loooong time.

Updated!! Look, look, they're pretty!