Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And the tar who ploughs the daughter (Show 7!)

Today was strange.

I woke up ill. My head was throbbing and there was a general sense of ickyness all over. Thirty-one curlers were in my head and I thought maybe their tightness was to blame, so I lumbered over to the bathroom, sat down and started pulling them out. It was six a.m.

So for my sixth day of work, I called in sick.
I ended up sleeping most of the day, and although my headache came back a few times, I felt immensely better in the afternoon so I watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. Just give that cast an Emmy already.
At the show, there was a bit of drama because my sister and her roommate sat front row center. The whole cast recognized her as the girl in green.

Also, during intermission the stage manager told us that one of our sailors had left. Gone. So we should go over spacings without him.

Panic. Dressing rooms emptied and everyone was standing around in the hall, when finally we were told, he didn't leave. He just went to the garden for some air. He'll be back.

Crisis averted.

Seven shows done. Holy crap.