Monday, May 17, 2010

For he is the Cap'in of the Pinafore

Oh, tech rehearsal, you're so nerve-wracking.

Our set is fantastic. It's huge (two levels!), beautifully painted and built, and so awkward. Well, the set's not awkward, we're awkward on set. Stage right has two sets of stairs that lead up to a small upper deck, with a door in between for most entrances. Stage left tapers off into a point being the front/back/port/whatever end of the ship. So here's the trouble: in rehearsal, we used the entire length of the stage to rehearse. Now, we've lost about two meters off stage right and the corners of stage left. Awkward.

Here's a picture I stole from our producer showing stage right (this is before it was finished being put together by the way, so some of the bigger pieces up top are missing):

Notice the railings on the stairs. Specifically, notice how there's only railings on the outer sides of the ship, and not the inner. Essentially, if you're going to fall, head for overboard. At least there'll be a railing to take with you.

Today, we were mostly figuring out how to get where we need to go. Up the stairs, down the stairs, underneath the upper deck, underneath the upper deck and around the side of the ship to get to the female chorus' entrance etc.

Yeah, the door in the picture? That's where most of the entrances/exits take place. Meaning that's where the chorus hangs out a lot, waiting for our cue for twenty people to run out of that door at once. Also, behind that door, staying hidden, is where the female chorus sings an entire song. Our voices are so beautiful, we don't even need to be seen (well, that's the company line anyway).

I'm quite excited. The set really is beautiful, and hopefully all the kinks will be unkinked on Tuesday's dress rehearsal. 

For today's rehearsal, I also began experimenting with my hair. My poor, poor damaged hair. Yesterday, I put it in curlers (*sob*) and then pinned it up in the evening. I quite like it completely up, but I may not do that after seeing the hats we're wearing (they cover most of the prettiness in the back that I spent nearly two hours creating). This evening, I took the pins out and holy crap, curls. Everywhere.

If Medusa and a mortal had a non-fatal child, that would be me.

I washed them all out since I have an interview tomorrow and don't want to look too scary. I don't know how well an 1800's hairstyle would go over (although it is for an art council, so maybe they'd understand).

It is now an hour and a half later than I want it to be, so I'm going to sleep. But, for fun, here's another picture I stole from our producer, of downstage left: