Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The one and only Sunday (Show 6 -- omagawd we're halfway done!)

Sunday's matinee went really well.There were no slip-ups except at the very, very end--after the bows and at the very end of the encore--Buttercup skips up the stairs to pose with the former Captain and she fell. It really doesn't matter, she was up a second later with a big smile but I know it bugged her. Also, she's keeping score in the green room.

Anyway, afterwords a bunch of us went to BP again and hung out for a while. I had 66 bobby pins in my hair. In case you're wondering, that's a packet and a half. In my hair. Biting into my head. At the same time. Sixty-six. 

Four of us were on our way home in two different cars when my friend got an idea. Stupid other friend had left an empty can of red bull kicking around the front seat and had refused to take it with him, so we raced to his place and left it on his doorstep. 'Cause we're sweet like that.

Then, we had plans. My plan was to wash my hair and blow dry it and then bathe in the beauty of clean, straight hair. Then watch the Grey's Anatomy season finale that I missed last week 'cause of a show while relaxing in bed with my kitty. Awesome plan.

It didn't quite work out, I had to wait till last night to watch the finale (AND OMG HOW EPIC WAS THAT!), but close enough.

I just discovered that Rachel's Mom (Idina Menzel) from Glee has the same last name as HMS Pinafore's Captain. Cool. I wonder if it's on purpose.

On Monday, I worked at the rodeo. It was kinda funny working at the same place as my sister and Dad, although technically he was volunteering. I ended up buying a silver necklace with a big dark green stone pendant and new sunglasses. My Dad bought me a cowboy hat too, so I felt very rodeo chic in a never-wearing-this-hat-ever-again kinda way.

My hair is in curlers again. Good-bye, straight hair.

See you Sunday.