Friday, May 21, 2010

Opening Night! (Show 2)

It took me forty-five minutes this morning to take the curlers out of my hair, and then pin all the slightly damp and falling ringlets to my head. Forty-five minutes. My estimate had been twenty.

If hair should talk, mine would be shrieking about now.

Work went well (I picked up Timmys on the way and woke up officially about nine fifteen). I was mostly sorting and re-organizing papers. Tomorrow though, we're heading to the rodeo. I'm not sure how an arts exhibit is going to do at a rodeo, but we'll find out.

After work, I hurriedly painted my toenails for tomorrow's gala (!!), got my stuff together, and out the door. Hello, Opening Night!

Our entrance went really well, at least for me. I didn't miss anything, but my friend--who's the female dance captain 'cause she's so perfect--got a little freaked out at seeing her mom in the audience and blanked a couple times. No biggie though, the audience wouldn't have noticed.

My mom was also in the audience, but I think that made me perform better actually.  Both acts went relatively smoothly, although my friend hurt her ankle at the very end. Nothing too serious, but not cool. Also, in Buttercup's song just before the finale, she describes a huge plot point, and after each line, the choruses come in and repeat it.

Except tonight, she forgot one of the lines.

She faked it really well, and the chorus came in with the correct line and she adlibbed in between phrases and then got back on track. It was funny 'cause (in our version), the story she makes up is false. And it's stupidly false, and everyone except Sir Joseph Porter K.C.B. gets that it's false, but they just think it's funny and since it doesn't hurt anyone, okay! But because the chorus suddenly jumped in with knowledge that she hadn't supplied, it made it seem like we knew all about the story in advance and were conspiring with her. Oo conspiracy!

One note we'd gotten yesterday from our director was that at the very, very ending, after the bows, when we repeat part of the Act I finale as an encore: we looked exhausted. And we were exhausted, but the audience wasn't supposed to know that and that's certainly not what we want them remembering as they leave.

So tonight, we all went haywire. There was more cheering, higher jumps, sharper moves, tooooons of energy in that encore--which although looked awesome, probably made the Act II finale look weak in comparison. Whoopsies!

My goal was to be in bed by midnight and it's now sixteen minutes after. it's twenty-one minutes after, I really shouldn't read Perez Hilton.