Friday, March 26, 2010


Today I learned that TicTacs and Sunchips eaten together taste like Mr. Noodle.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Canada, But Were Too Afraid to Ask

Today in my college Political Science class, we watched a segment from the Rick Mercer Report explaining how our parliament works.

Who needs a teacher when there's Rick Mercer.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Gaily Tripping

Typically, dance rehearsals are my favourite but they require a lot more prep work than music rehearsals and are infinitely more tiring.

First comes the dreaded rehearsal skirt, the likes of which plague me every year. The one I use requires about forty minutes of ironing before it's presentable which irks me every time. Last year, I could do it; this year I just don't have the time.

Ironing aside, I was pretty nervous. The song we did was the first big number with the girls. It starts with the guys alone, and then they get all excited as we prance onstage. Watching the guys learn their opening choreography was really fun: it's hard to not make fun of them because it's bunch of grown men frolicking, and even harder tonight since they were just learning their moves for the first time and making mistakes. However, all the ladies were very considerate and made no comments (since we were all scared we'd do worse).

Finally, we joined them and the surprises began.

First off, all the ladies were put into trios except for me and a friend, who were front right, and who got different choreography in certain parts. Since I have zero dance experience, it was cool to be trusted that much.

Next, we found out who are partners would be. A much debated and anticipated moment, we've been speculating about it since auditions. For me, it wasn't such a big deal since I've been paired with the same guy for every GnS show I've done and everyone just assumed we'd be together again. Instead, I got paired a new guy.

Said new guy is also the youngest male in the show and I have been calling him the Kid since the first rehearsal after I forgot his name. However, earlier this week I found out that the Kid is a year older than me. Whoops.

Even more amusing than my pairing though, was my friends. Yesterday, in front of many witnesses our other friend swore he would quit the show if he got paired up with either of us. At the time, it was funny. When he got paired up with her, it was hilarious.

Our choreographer said it's because she can handle him and that's very true and wise. I also think it's because whoever gets stuck with him (his character is disgusting, hideous and gimped) has a big role requiring a lot of non-scripted acting.

At the break, we were discussing it with the choreographer and she said that HMS Pinafore isn't a particularly romantic show: there's no mass wedding at the end, which is a typical GnS tactic. The ladies chorus is made up of the sisters and the cousins of the aunts of the ruler of the Queen's navy: we may flirt but we won't be marrying any common sailor period. Essentially that means our partners may change throughout the show, which is a fun concept.

After rehearsal, I flung my character shoes away, packed my school stuff away for tomorrow and was about to fall into bed when I realized I'm presenting a seven minute oral report in my poetry class tomorrow. Oops.

My bad.