Thursday, March 24, 2011

danse la cachucha, fandero bolero, Xeres will drink manzanilla montero!

Making Mac n' Cheese at midnight after rehearsal, dancing around the kitchen going step scuff heel, step scuff heel with my arms above my heads like a rookie bullfighter (should probably close the blinds).

Cachucha, I will tame you.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

This is why I pay tuition.

My world went upside-down. I couldn't figure out why my partner was dropping her arm in front of my face and wiggling her fingers like a bad mime when I recognized the Legally Blonde nail polish and, oh crap that's my arm. And it's coming from the ceiling.

The goggles are designed with a mirror to flip everything but they require you to tilt your head up to see at eye-level. Otherwise you stare at the ceiling. It's a very dull ceiling. I had to make a conscious effort to look up (down?) to my partner's face and when she offered me the marker, I reached towards her boob. Whoops. She put the marker in my hand and positioned me in front of the board.

My task was to outline the star drawn on the board with the black marker. How hard can that be?

Really hard. Really really hard. My hand was crawling along the board, looking like Thing from The Addams Family but with pretty nails.

I managed to outline one and a half points before go down, no I said down, that's the left, the point is right there, wtf Thing, you're drawing half-assed lightning bolts! became too much and I took the goggles off.

Woah. Woozy.

(Isn't Psych class fun?)

Replace the house with a star.