Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dress Rehearsal!

Tonight was the dress rehearsal for HMS Pinafore.

My hair rocks. I mean, it takes forever, but the photographer, the make-up artist and the choreographer all made a point of complimenting it and they were the ones actually watching the show. Yesterday evening, I put the curlers in and hairsprayed the bejeezus out of it, this late this afternoon I took them out and pinned all the curls up and hairsprayed it some more. Unlike in previous shows, I'm going to keep it up. I hate hate hate ringlets. They fall out, look greasy from gel, and I always end up looking frazzled. This way, I have curly hair that won't get hot on the back of my neck from all the stage lights and most importantly, I don't have re-do it every night. I'm going to try to do it every other night instead, and, like now, sleep with a packet worth of bobby pins digging into my skull.

Ah, show business.

At least I'll never have to dye my underwear.

I was make-uped and in costume within twenty minutes of arriving at the theatre. Stage make-up is very thick and heavy, and in all honesty, looks weird up close. The women kinda get away with it because it's just like hooker make-up, but the guys are kinda freaky. I mean, no man should be wearing that much foundation.

In Act I, I messed up. It happens, I know, but I hate it. Especially since all the important people were watching and taking notes. Just after the girls entrance, we each walk around our guy. I blanked and just stood there. Then, in the next song, we bounce on the same beat every verse except the last one, and I took a step forward instead. Gah.

Other than that, it went well. Act II went much better for me, except at the very, very end right after the girls bow, I turned around and there were men marching into me. Whoops. Faster I shall move.

We also took the cast photo, which was quite funny. Two guys went down on their knees and my friend and I stood between them dead centre and gave them a (gloved) hand. Those gloves really do create an impact, they make you want to be as elegant as they are.

In other news, I (finally) got a job. I've been looking for a couple weeks, when I got a call from a friend offering me an interview for a position I hadn't applied for. Some of the questions at the interview really stumped me. I answered them all relatively well, I think, but honestly.

What is my style of communication?

Uh, English?

They also asked me to write a PR release. Like right then. I wrote it as best I could, but wow that was not expected. Anyway, it's a cool summer job and today, I got the phone call so I start tomorrow. Yay!

PS: I'm going to try to update about each show. That may not happen now that I'm working every day and can't lounge around during the day watching Glee reruns, but we'll see.