Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hour 25 and 2/3rds

Okay, so I finished reading Twilight and am currently reading New Moon, in which I noticed an error of MASSIVE proportions.

In the book, Bella gets tossed into a table and gets cut up by all the plates that fell and broke on her. Jasper doesn't get thrown anywhere.

In the movie, Bella gets tossed into a mirror (which is fine), and Jasper goes flying back into the beautiful black (and shiny!) baby grand piano, which crashes and splinters and makes good kindling.

Dude. Why the piano? Honestly. Have some heart.

I told this to my friend and she texted back saying that it was meant to be dramatic for most people, and tramatic for 'people like me'.

It really was.

I'm right in the depressing portion of New Moon (I know, that's like 3/4s of the entire book) and she's all numb and lifeless and not alert. I really need to be alert right now, 'cause reading a book in a comfy bed with a warm kitty beside you is really tempting.

I'm thinking I'm going to sleep at 8pm. That gives me twelve hours of sleep before I want to wake up, which should work. In total, I'll have been awake for 27 hours. I know people have stayed awake for much, much longer than that, but the point is to wake up at a reasonable hour tomorrow morning, not compete (and then promptly pass out and die three days later).

My high school science teacher once told us that a friend of hers was taking his hugely important medical exam which he needed to pass in order to graduate from the program. He stayed up for four days studying. His exam was an essay, but he was so tired after he wrote the first line of the page, he forgot to move his hand down to the next line so he wrote the entire essay overtop of itself on the same line. And then failed.

I'm feeling much more awake now. I've also completed all of my goals from my first entry. Yay me.

One hour, eight minutes to go.

Tick tock.

Hour Nineteen

I am currently re-reading Twilight as a way to help keep me awake and active. It has been working surprisingly well, however there have been dilemnas.

For example, I never noticed how much Bella sleeps.

All the time.

Every chapter.

Aw crap.

Mr. Sandman

So lately my sleep schedule has been...unusual.
School starts on Monday and most days, I'll have to get up around nine am. Right now, I'm three hours away from going to bed at nine am. Two of my friends have the same issue, so tonight we decided to fix it.

We're staying up.

I woke up at five pm (Seriously! I have never in my life woken up at five pm!) today, puttered around for a bit, saw New Moon (you're not Team Jacob, you're Team Taylor Lautner, there is a difference), then went for coffee with said friends.

We got to Timmies around midnight, and then decided we wanted to play cards.

We didn't have any cards.

So we made them! I ripped up old panto pamphlets, one of the others labelled them and the other miscounted salt packets (aka our chips) and we spent three and a half hours playing poker.

It was kinda awesome. We're keeping the cards.

So now we're awake. And we're gonna stay awake until tomorrow evening (I know, we're gonna crash early on New Years Eve, whoops!), and then wake up on New Years Day at a perfectly respectable hour.

And hopefully keep that up from then on.

I think we can do it. Except we need motivation so I've made a list of things I want to get done.

Here goes.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I <3 Tuxedo Mask

I wear nail polish because it makes me feel like Sailor Moon.

It's true.

Don't tell.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Just Bump It

I blame Tim Allen.

Watching Santa Clause II got me all hyped for presents and cheer, and consequently my room ended up covered in tape, littered with wrapping paper--there's a bow still stuck to my desk--and crumpled post-its are everywhere saying things like 'DVD for Mom' or 'nail polish for unknown'.

My sister had told us about her friend who used to receive presents from 'the Naughty Elf', 'Santa's Mistress', or 'Rudolph's Evil Twin' instead of Santa. She thought it was creepy, but her Mom thought it was hilarious, and so did we, so this Christmas, my sister received a gift from Farmville.

New tradition? I think so.

Since I had been rudely awoken at eight thirty (a.m.!), I went back to bed after all the presents were opened on Christmas day. When I woke up several hours later, I was late, still needed a shower, and relatives were due to arrive any minute. Oops.

They arrived, I greeted them with wet hair, and the chaos descended. No one really noticed the creepy name tags, but they were still worth it.

Dinner, card games, and Cornation Street scene-it later, Christmas was over and we all stumbled into bed (literally in my case, since my parents blow up bed was in my room and there was no space to walk).

For the second time in a row, I was abruptly awoken, this time by my little cousin.

The adults were all talking downstairs, her brother was off playing a game, and she was determined to get me out of bed. In some cruel twist of fate, she is both persistant and a morning person.

I am neither. I earnestly tried to convince her that I would get up soon and meet her downstairs (yeah, right) but she shook her head and said, "Now."

I know it's lame to let a six-year-old boss you around, but she always has the option of crying. Or screaming. Or just wailing in the middle of the room until she gets her way.

...okay, I let the six-year-old boss me around.

I got out of bed. I then tried to convince that since it would take me a while to get dressed and ready, she might as well wait downstairs.


Fine. I ended up brushing her hair for thirty minutes while re-telling all the fairy tales I could think of. I think it's fair to say that she got her way.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Drink lots of fluids, call if you feel sick, and no strenuous activity.

It's possible that I'm a moron.

I'm not saying it's true! Just possible.

Today, I gave blood. Everything was going fine, my iron levels were good, my temperature was fine (the second time round, I might be getting sick, yetch), I haven't had sex with a man who's had sex with a man who contradicted AIDS in Africa, yadda yadda yadda. Surprisingly, I was done rather quickly, then ate some cookies and off I went.

Right in time to seem my bus drive pass. Darn.

So, being the bright, intellectual, academically-inclined person that I am, I decided to walk.

One of the things they tell you after giving blood is to avoid strenuous activity. Now, I assumed that translated as, don't run a marathon, don't go rock climbing, do use this as an excuse not to vacuum.

Apparently, it also meant don't walk.

From the clinic to my house, it's about a thirty minute walk. Not a big deal. Off I went, humming 'Merry Chrisislamakwansica' under my breath.

Twenty five minutes into this walk, I realized something was wrong.

When texting to say I'd be home soon, I had to physically slow down because I couldn't concentrate on my phone and the path ahead. I'm a teenager: I can text anywhere anytime anyplace. This was not good.

I put my phone away and that was when I realized that if I didn't stop, my body was going to. I stopped and woah, dizziness. My heart was racing, my skin was clammy and I felt like I was a step away from fainting.

How exactly had I not noticed that?

I took a moment, but I was so close to home that it seemed ridiculous to stop.

I took another step.

Wrong move. I swayed but managed to stay upright long enough to think, oh gee I should sit, and then I sat. At the side of the road. Alone. In the dark.

Another two minutes and I'd be home! If I could just get off my ass...

A failed attempt at standing was all I needed to get out my phone and call home. Sure, it'd be a thirty second ride, but I was desperate. Last thing I needed was to wake up with bugs stabbing at me 'cause I conked out at the side of the road. Or worse.

I managed to stand and walk another thirty paces before I saw my ride. They didn't ask why I'd wanted to be picked up at the side of the road two minutes from home, and that was probably for the best.

Now I'm at home, lying in bed, studying the hole in my elbow, and wondering if a fear of needles is rational.

Yup, I'm a moron.

Friday, December 4, 2009


I am going to write a pantomime.

I don't know when or, honestly, how, but I'm going to and it's going to be epic.

Or at least mediocre.