Friday, May 7, 2010

"Stay your hand, she looooves you!"

Rehearsal tonight went really well.

It was our very first full run-thru with the entire cast, including bows and reprise. Considering we only have three rehearsals until load-in at the theatre, that's kinda huge.

Choreography is pretty much done. The female chorus really stepped up and put in a lot of extra time to practice. And practice and practice and make cue cards (cross my heart, little cue cards with all the steps written out) and practice some more. They came early to rehearsal, and then practiced during breaks. There was a lot of practicing. Not everyone needed it, but for the few that did, it was crucial. And now it's paying off.

Last week, we had our costume parade and took lots of pretty pictures. My dress was previously worn by the evil princess in Princess and the Pea thus I am now the evil sister. It's blue with a big floral print, a square neckline, fitted bodice, and wings. Well, big puffy slabs of extra fabric that would cover my hips perfectly if my hips were four feet wide. Currently, the fabric just falls and kind of poufs a bit. I guess it's a style. Either way, it works and I like it. Apparently, we're also getting little white gloves, which should be interesting and not dangerous. (You wouldn't think danger would be a big issue with props, but you'd be wrong.)

Tonight, we actually got to use the real props. Real mops and buckets and baskets. Also, a real gun. A really big real gun, so big--the length of a rolling pin--that when the male lead raised it to his temple during a very serious and heartbreaking climax, everyone started giggling. It didn't fit. His hand was at too awkward of an angle to even be able to point it properly.