Thursday, April 22, 2010

She's eating my ice cream right now.

Well, this is depressing.

All week I had the house to myself and it was beautiful. I could leave something in a room, and come back twenty minutes later and it would still be there.

Things were clean. I cooked when I wanted and cleaned up how I wanted and never fought for counter space. My kitty was forced to acknowledge my presence; I sang as loud as I wanted whenever I wanted where ever I wanted, while blaring Glee and dancing with the curtains closed.


But now they're back. And they're loud. Regalling me with stories of gambling wins and pretending there was skill involved, and comparing alcohol they bought at the duty-free, and asking me obnoxious questions like why I didn't eat the 40+ packets of burritos they left and the bucket of ice cream and boxes of instant suppers and all the cans of vodka in the fridge. It was 3 1/2 days and most of those I spent at school. Honestly.


Monday, April 19, 2010

I can breathe now.

Thank god for super mega awesome people.

I'm at school and being the intelligent person I am, I lost my phone. In the bathroom. After I'd put it down with my coat and forgotten to pick it up.

Forty minutes later, I realized this. I searched the bathroom--received several weird looks from other girls--and couldn't find it. Shit.

What a great way to start the week.

I went to security (aka lost and found) and awesomely, they had it. Someone had actually dropped it off. Someone was that awesome. Pessimism trumped.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hhhholy crap.

I just discovered

Holy crap.

Okay, so the idea is you chat with the CleverBot just like on MSN, except it's not real. It's a robot/machine/AI/program-thing.

And so creepy!

I'm kinda freaking out, that was ridiculous. He always answers your questions with valid answers or related questions. It's like a real, albeit messed up, conversation.

With a robot.

And as I'm talking, I keep thinking of Ginny in HP2, writing to Tom Riddle and slowly becoming more and more entranced by him just like I'm becoming entranced with him and she ended up slaughtering chickens and writing bloody messages and nearly dying.

And there was that Buffy episode! The demon in the computer that seduces Willow!


All the while I was also talking to a friend of mine who made me realize just how creepy the whole thing really is, so I decided to quit the screen.

I said, I'm going to go now.

And he said, No you're not.

My creepyness tolerance (which has built up a lot since I started doing theatre) was officially overwhelmed so I quit the screen and ranted to my friend until I started ranting here.

I feel better now. It's just AI. It is not a piece of Voldemort's soul. It is not a demon.

Okay. :D

Letter to Me

Yesterday, my iPod kept playing 'Letter to Me' by Brad Paisley and it got me thinking.

Two years ago, I had to write a letter from future-me to present-me and I wrote stupid advice mixed in with stuff only I would understand. Apparently, my teachers didn't understand because I didn't get a very good mark, but now I know what I would really write.

See, if future-me is alive to write the letter, then present-me can't die. Or sustain serious injury. Or be greatly altered enough in any way that may influence what future-me wrote in the letter, or the fact that future-me did write the letter.

I love time travel conundrums.

So my solution is this: test it out. Included in the letter would be some very distinct event, that present-me would then desperately try to avoid. If by some quirk of fate and despite all of present-me's best efforts, the event still happens, then I would know that I cannot alter anything that's already happened. (PS: this is the same time travel theory in The Traveller's Wife.)

So essentially, I could jump off a cliff and not die. Specifically, I couldn't even get injured, physically or mentally.

Present-me would be indestructable.

I feel like this post has become too geeky.

Look, shoes!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"His foot should stamp and his hair should growl, his face should twirl and his eyes should scowl, his throat should flash and his breast protude and this should be his customary attitude!"

Last night we had an Act I rehearsal.

The female chorus is actually getting consistently better. About half of us have lots of theatre experience, but the other half either doesn't or hasn't been in a show in ages so it's been tricky trying to get everyone on the same page.

It's always nice to see the guys screw up every now and then though too. Just to keep things equal :)

The guys actually got to try on their costumes for the first time right as we started acting through the finale. They all wear these adorable white outfits with blue collars that remind me of Ken (the Barbie) if he were a sailor. So cute. Especially cute (well, entertaining) since most of them didn't fit very well so the guys were frantically trying to roll up their sleeves and pull up their pants while dancing.

I laugh now, but in a week or so it'll be the women's turn for costume fittings. Most likely we'll get similar (if not the same) costumes that were used in last years' Pirates of Penzance, but I have no qualms about that 'cause my dress was rather pretty. Last year we changed into pastel-coloured nightgowns for the second act that were essentially a blob of fabric with sleeves and collar. They were so unflattering and we looked so ridiculous, we became known as the Tums, since that's what we looked like.

We even had matching bonnets.

This year, I don't believe we change costumes at all, which is a yay (no Tums!) but a boo (yucky- sweaty- sticky-ness by the end of Act I guaranteed).

Monday, April 5, 2010

I smell like mud.

Today, I flittered about exploring a creek, discovering it's velocity, and measuring the bed sediment. Despite the math, it was actually pretty fun.

Go figure.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pretty and Witty! ...or, you know, not...

I officially have four blogs. Is that weird? That's probably weird. However, I won't feel guilty until I stop updating them.

Originally, this blog was supposed to be for my writing, with little personal narratives in between, but school happened so that didn't. Plus, it's a lot easier to post poems (which I rarely write) than actual plays.

Solution! A spiffy writing-only hopefully-frequently-updated blog: Pretty and Witty!

Yeah ;)