Friday, January 29, 2010

Well, actually...

At the theatre for our dress rehearsal, we were working with one man and one woman for professional techs. I've seen the woman before but the man is a newbie. Is it weird that I know that he's a newbie? That's probably weird.

The shiny grand piano was pushed out along with my chair and then I said I'd need a headset.

"We don't have any headsets."

"Well, do." I'd used them during last year's performance.
"Oh. I'll ask." He asked on his headset (his is huge and for tech people, very different from the one I wanted.) "The receivers don't work."

"Well, actually..."

I got my headset. Hehe.

The rehearsal went okay, I think I need to practice my movements a bit more though since I can't touch my hair anymore. Or move my neck all that much. Gotta love headsets.
Meanwhile, a hiphop dance group couldn't rehearse because they'd only brought their iPod. I asked why.

"We can't play iPods."

"Well, actually..." When my trio performed last year, we had our track on an iPod but it didn't occur to us until two hours before the show that we didn't have a CD. Our bad. The tech people came to our rescue and played it through the iPod no problem.
At this point, the tech guy was looking at me incredulously, probably imagining just how difficult I was going to make the next hour for him.

Sorry, newbie.