Thursday, January 21, 2010

Whatever IS

Last night I glued my fingers together, er, I mean, I put on fake nails so now typing takes twice as long, is twice as loud, and involves ten times as many typos.

Today I had three back-to-back classes, two Timmies coffee, and one awkward run-in with president of my college (who I thought was just some guy who'd rudely stepped directly into my way until the woman on the elevator told me later).

In my English class, we were analyzing "An Essay On Man" by Alexander Pope. I really love "The Rape of the Lock" so I know I was expecting a lot but even by normal standards, this was not cool.

His message is simple: "Whatever IS, is RIGHT" because God made it so.

Firstly, Alex, writing in all capitals is rude.

Secondly (and unrelated to the firstly), I met a hero. He's some punk in my class who scoffed and then very primly said, "this poem offends my sensibilities."

Heh. Score one for the atheists.