Monday, January 25, 2010

Depending on the time of day, the French go either way

It was five o'clock, my immediate homework was done, I was out of gum and too lazy to cook, so I texted a friend.

Two minutes later the phone rings. Not only is she already half way here (she only lives two minutes away anyway), but she's with another one of our friends.

I have become increasingly awesome at going from lounging-in-pjs-without-makeout to dressed-and-ready in a hundred and twenty seconds. Is there an Olympics for that?

We saw a movie, drove our other friend to his house, and then attempted to return home.
The two of us, since the first time we tried to drive anywhere outside of a ten minute radius, have had issues with directions. So long as I have a map, I'm good. She claims she'd never gotten lost until our first trip together.

But whenever we're together...things happen. Maps fail. Signs fall. Panic sets in.

Our first trip together involved arriving nearly two hours early so we could go somewhere to eat first. We ended up going through a Timmies drive-thru ten minutes before the show started because we'd gotten very, very lost.

And tonight, our plan was very simple: get back onto the highway (which we took to get there in the first place) and just drive. It's doesn't get any easier than that.

We did manage to get onto the highway and for twenty minutes, everything was fine as we belted out Legally Blonde: The Musical. And then, part of the road was closed off.

So we had to detour.

Although we ended up one street over, we thought we were fine. We knew we were going the right way. Until it was decided that we should try to get back onto the highway.

We turned and went far too far, both of us knew that, but then we came upon a highway. That should have meant victory, but it wasn't the RIGHT highway.

We turned onto it anyway.
Suddenly, every lane had a sign above it stating US border.

Oh crap.

Despite our 'Keep It Positive' soundtrack, panic was drowning us so she made a darling little illegal U-turn at an intersection no less, which eventually led us to the freeway (aka our personal doom), which she eventually recognized, which got us back onto another highway but one we know really well and which is close to home.

Thank god for small favours and GPS.