Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Show 10 and 11: The End of The World and The End of The Show

In the darkness, there lurks...

a maze of looming passages, secrets unknown...

cross, if you'll risk it...

and, uh, ominous stuff and thunder and... More darkness?

Okay, so the theatre's not that dark. But it is scary!

During the final matinee performance, one of the biggest and most obvious flubs of the run occurred. On stage right, there is this cute little table with wine and bread and a candle...

and it got knocked right over. Luckily, the wine was corked because there's actual liquid in it and hoo boy that would have been bad. (I'm bringing back the phrase 'hoo boy'. Spread the word.)

During that same opening sequence, I put my mask on and, for the first time, got a ton of hair stuck under it, rubbing against my face! Distracting! I guess it's still better than what some of the other girls had to deal with: one ate a feather.

Between shows, we had a potluck and drank 5 hour energy shots and I finished reading Harry Potter 5. There's a picture of me, in costume, with my head down, reading in the greenroom. I think that's what I looked like for most of the run.

We also took cast pictures onstage. There were two honorary cast members who joined us, the lead couple in both HMS Pinafore and Pirates of Penzance. The last time they did Gondoliers, they were just engaged. This time, they brought their newborn.

Finally: the last show. Like every year, it's bittersweet. I never have to wear that tulle floral skirt ever again! But at the same time, I'll never get to perform List and Learn with the girls ever again.

The show went quite well, nothing got knocked over, and no one crashed through the set. During the middle of Act I, most of the girls were mulling around the dressing rooms, chatting and taking pictures. It was the last time our two leads would wear their wedding dresses, the last time we would wave good-bye to our men during the finale.

We were reminiscing so much that we were halfway through our cue song before someone piped up, "oh shit, we're on next!"

We ran. Out the dressing room, down the hall, up the stairs, down a looming passage behind the stage, all the way to stage left.

Some of the cast, including the male leads, were already there. "Nice of you to make it."

We did not miss our entrance, but hoo boy it was too close for comfort. Of course, it was the last time we'd ever have to worry about that entrance.

After the show, there were lists of things to be done before the cast party. The set had to be striked (stroke?), the dressing rooms emptied and cleaned, the costumes and props returned.

"And...I've done!"  


Homegrown said...

I think its struck??
Oh man the Show must have been amazing!!!!!!