Friday, May 13, 2011

Show 2: Opening Night

During the first show, as all of the girls were handed beautiful red and white roses, one of the girls got a rose with no head. Just a plastic green stem.

So she sighed happily and smelled it.

Last night went much better. All the girls got their skirts on properly (um, over top of their regular dresses, I mean).

On the plus, I didn't mess up the finale choreography! And all the bags were taken offstage during Act II! And no one missed an entrance or fell on their ass onstage!

Err, well, almost. One of the chorus guys ran on late during the finale. Then, because he was on the wrong side of the stage when the choreography started, he had to rush to the other side and accidentally tripped. He was fine, just chagrined, and was up quickly.


But other than that!

Tonight is Gala, which is sold out, and if anyone screws up it will haunt them forever and ever and they'll never be allowed back in again. Or not. The point is it's a big deal and everyone dresses up after and pretends they're not sweaty and tired.

More importantly, it means I got new shoes.