Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Show 1: Preview Night!

Preview Night of the Gondoliers began with...a very stressed out stage manager.

Big accidents on multiple bridges: the musical director, the male lead and one chorus member were all stuck in traffic.

The Cachucha, the insane dance I've already blogged about, wasn't looking very good last night so an hour before the show began, four of us were given brand new choreography.

Brand new choreography. Insert moment of blind panic here.

The show opened and, to be honest, I wasn't nervous. I was too busy going over the new steps in my head. Everything seemed to go well. One of the lead males--who did manage to arrive on time!--did not smack me in the face with his elbow like last night, and after some very stressful moments backstage trying to rehearse the new choreo in the bathroom, we headed onstage to perform the Cachucha.

Defying all odds, the four of us with new steps did them perfectly!

So of course I messed up the finale instead. But hey, that's preview night.