Saturday, April 10, 2010

Letter to Me

Yesterday, my iPod kept playing 'Letter to Me' by Brad Paisley and it got me thinking.

Two years ago, I had to write a letter from future-me to present-me and I wrote stupid advice mixed in with stuff only I would understand. Apparently, my teachers didn't understand because I didn't get a very good mark, but now I know what I would really write.

See, if future-me is alive to write the letter, then present-me can't die. Or sustain serious injury. Or be greatly altered enough in any way that may influence what future-me wrote in the letter, or the fact that future-me did write the letter.

I love time travel conundrums.

So my solution is this: test it out. Included in the letter would be some very distinct event, that present-me would then desperately try to avoid. If by some quirk of fate and despite all of present-me's best efforts, the event still happens, then I would know that I cannot alter anything that's already happened. (PS: this is the same time travel theory in The Traveller's Wife.)

So essentially, I could jump off a cliff and not die. Specifically, I couldn't even get injured, physically or mentally.

Present-me would be indestructable.

I feel like this post has become too geeky.

Look, shoes!