Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"His foot should stamp and his hair should growl, his face should twirl and his eyes should scowl, his throat should flash and his breast protude and this should be his customary attitude!"

Last night we had an Act I rehearsal.

The female chorus is actually getting consistently better. About half of us have lots of theatre experience, but the other half either doesn't or hasn't been in a show in ages so it's been tricky trying to get everyone on the same page.

It's always nice to see the guys screw up every now and then though too. Just to keep things equal :)

The guys actually got to try on their costumes for the first time right as we started acting through the finale. They all wear these adorable white outfits with blue collars that remind me of Ken (the Barbie) if he were a sailor. So cute. Especially cute (well, entertaining) since most of them didn't fit very well so the guys were frantically trying to roll up their sleeves and pull up their pants while dancing.

I laugh now, but in a week or so it'll be the women's turn for costume fittings. Most likely we'll get similar (if not the same) costumes that were used in last years' Pirates of Penzance, but I have no qualms about that 'cause my dress was rather pretty. Last year we changed into pastel-coloured nightgowns for the second act that were essentially a blob of fabric with sleeves and collar. They were so unflattering and we looked so ridiculous, we became known as the Tums, since that's what we looked like.

We even had matching bonnets.

This year, I don't believe we change costumes at all, which is a yay (no Tums!) but a boo (yucky- sweaty- sticky-ness by the end of Act I guaranteed).