Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mr. Sandman

So lately my sleep schedule has been...unusual.
School starts on Monday and most days, I'll have to get up around nine am. Right now, I'm three hours away from going to bed at nine am. Two of my friends have the same issue, so tonight we decided to fix it.

We're staying up.

I woke up at five pm (Seriously! I have never in my life woken up at five pm!) today, puttered around for a bit, saw New Moon (you're not Team Jacob, you're Team Taylor Lautner, there is a difference), then went for coffee with said friends.

We got to Timmies around midnight, and then decided we wanted to play cards.

We didn't have any cards.

So we made them! I ripped up old panto pamphlets, one of the others labelled them and the other miscounted salt packets (aka our chips) and we spent three and a half hours playing poker.

It was kinda awesome. We're keeping the cards.

So now we're awake. And we're gonna stay awake until tomorrow evening (I know, we're gonna crash early on New Years Eve, whoops!), and then wake up on New Years Day at a perfectly respectable hour.

And hopefully keep that up from then on.

I think we can do it. Except we need motivation so I've made a list of things I want to get done.

Here goes.