Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hour 25 and 2/3rds

Okay, so I finished reading Twilight and am currently reading New Moon, in which I noticed an error of MASSIVE proportions.

In the book, Bella gets tossed into a table and gets cut up by all the plates that fell and broke on her. Jasper doesn't get thrown anywhere.

In the movie, Bella gets tossed into a mirror (which is fine), and Jasper goes flying back into the beautiful black (and shiny!) baby grand piano, which crashes and splinters and makes good kindling.

Dude. Why the piano? Honestly. Have some heart.

I told this to my friend and she texted back saying that it was meant to be dramatic for most people, and tramatic for 'people like me'.

It really was.

I'm right in the depressing portion of New Moon (I know, that's like 3/4s of the entire book) and she's all numb and lifeless and not alert. I really need to be alert right now, 'cause reading a book in a comfy bed with a warm kitty beside you is really tempting.

I'm thinking I'm going to sleep at 8pm. That gives me twelve hours of sleep before I want to wake up, which should work. In total, I'll have been awake for 27 hours. I know people have stayed awake for much, much longer than that, but the point is to wake up at a reasonable hour tomorrow morning, not compete (and then promptly pass out and die three days later).

My high school science teacher once told us that a friend of hers was taking his hugely important medical exam which he needed to pass in order to graduate from the program. He stayed up for four days studying. His exam was an essay, but he was so tired after he wrote the first line of the page, he forgot to move his hand down to the next line so he wrote the entire essay overtop of itself on the same line. And then failed.

I'm feeling much more awake now. I've also completed all of my goals from my first entry. Yay me.

One hour, eight minutes to go.

Tick tock.