Monday, May 13, 2013

Five by Five

1) I hate it when people post pictures of their new tattoos on Facebook and it takes me a minute to realize that that’s not their arm I’m staring at…

2) On my paper, the prof wrote that it was “beautifully written, and a pleasure to read.” And that it was short and underdeveloped, but hey, beautifully written and a pleasure to read!

3) At the skytrain platform: “So, didja hear about those stabbings on the skytrain?”

No, strange man, I had not. Excuse me as I back away slowly.

4) At my very last exam, I wore a pretty summer dress, anticipating the relief of the end of school. I finished the exam, prof wished me a happy summer, then I skipped out of the classroom only to discover that it was snowing outside. Snowing! SNOWING!

5) Today, I sang Les Mis like a boss. That’s right. Like a boss.