Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Three Things That Are Maybe Not Really Related

1) The other day I went on a treasure hunt to find an art show. We had to ask for directions though because the gallery was hidden in a convenience store and who looks in a convenience store for an art show?

2) My friend and I went dress shopping in a cute little boutique with swaths of tulle and beading and satin in the window.

Except I had a problem. This cute little boutique insists that people take their shoes off at the door. No! I don't want to take my shoes off, this is a store not a living room!

That lasted until I noticed the darling white and pink cocktail dress in the other window. Then we hunkered inside and slipped our shoes off. Well, my friend slipped her shoes off and I leaned against the doorframe and heaved my boots off. There was some grunting involved. And then, my mismatched socks were on display.

One had red and white polka dots and the other was olive green with little green tuffs all over.


3) I began reading Confessions of A Pioneer Woman yesterday. It's written by a city girl (like me!) who loves high heels and Starbucks (like me!) who married a rancher and lives on a farm (like...oh). She wrote a novel on how she met and married her husband and posted the entire thing on her blog. As of 1:48am this morning, I have read the entire thing. Can't wait for the movie.

I read it because she's funny and weird and because I wanted to understand how exactly she went from city girl to wife of a rancher. And because I know there's a happy ending. There's nothing worse than a quirky start with a weepy ending.

I'm looking at you, Jon and Kate.