Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oh. I feel better now.

Avenue Q is Sesame Street for adults. It's got puppets and bright clothing and animated videos that teach lessons, but with swearing and cleavage and sex.

We walked to the theatre, dressed to the nines, clattering and chatting and laughing away until someone pointed out that no one knows which way the theatre is. Oh. We figured it out though. Thank goodness for billboards.

The theatre has a white grand staircase with floor to ceiling mirrors which are awesome 'cause you look awesome but awful because they show angles you're not supposed to see of yourself. We giggled a lot.
The show was fantastic. There were two flat screen TVs mounted on either side of the stage, high up, that were used periodically like a Sesame Street segment. Except, instead of learning how to count, it was learning how to count five nightstands and then a one night stand.

The two main actors played the four main puppets and there is something especially fabulous about that. The woman argued with herself, going back and forth with the different voices. She played the girlfriend and the girlfriend's rival. Awesome.

After the show, we were all too hyped up to go home right away. Some of the cast members made their way through the lobby. I am proud to say that no one from our group jumped them then. I mean, later, sure, but not then.

Finally, we couldn't put off leaving anymore and we all trudged outside. A few of us were still hanging out the doors when the last of our group--a fantastic actor I don't trust an inch off stage--came striding out and announced that we should all follow him down a dark alley.


This doesn't reflect well on us, but we did. Follow him down a random dark alley in the middle of the night, I mean. I've known him for years, if that helps.

And it was a good move because in that dark alley was the stage door where the cast was hanging out, including the lead male. I guess I just don't make a good groupie 'cause I wasn't nearly as overwhelmingly thrilled as the others. I thought one was going to faint in awe. He was really kind though, answered all our questions, and didn't call security. Score!

It began raining but no one wanted to leave because he's the biggest celebrity we've ever met (except for Selena Gomez, she's way more famous. Bet she can't work a puppet though. Oh, and Duff! Hmm, maybe this is why I wasn't more excited).

Even he, the actor, had to point out we must be freezing because it was pouring rain and we all had bare legs and short dresses. Reluctantly, we took a final picture and released him from our fangirl clutches.

In the car, everyone was pumped with adrenaline and envy. But we weren't pumped with analytical skills, which would have stopped us from turning the wrong way down a one-way street. There was some screaming involved. I think the taxi driver coming towards us was more scared though.

We took a moment to still our screeching hearts before turning around and heading home.

Fuck you, lady, that's what stairs are for!