Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I got to pinch off the cerebellum. It was squishy.

Today, I held a human brain. It was dead. And heavy and dense like rubber and reeked of formaldehyde and each hemisphere was the length of my hand. I poked the optic nerve and traced my finger along the corpus callosum and felt the air pockets that are the first and second ventricles and most importantly,  I didn't faint even a little!

At my first and last dissection, I took a scalpel to a sheep's eyeball and woke up in my science teacher's arms. But I'm past that now. Now I can slice open some brain matter and eat pizza twenty minutes later.

A sheep's brain is the size of a hamster and gosh darn cute! The bumpy feel to the outside was a little disconcerting at first, but the veins on the cerebellum reminded me of broccoli and there's nothing scary about broccoli.

I feel like I get Frankenstein so much better now.