Sunday, September 12, 2010

and smilies and hearts and stars!

Do you know what's adorable?


In the little box, all neat and yellow and clean. I mean, sure they're useless, but if you don't ever open the box, they are the pinnacle of childhood cuteness.

I bought two.

And some gluesticks and card stock and feathers and sequins and oogly eyes and multi-colour pipe cleaner thingies and stickers--lots and lots of stickers!--and fuzzy pompoms and page protectors.

Okay so the page protectors aren't so much fun, but feathers and sequins and oogly eyes!

So now I have a Kids Craft Corner! And I'm $15 under budget!

Of course, while shopping for all this I had to take transit and I forgot, oh yeah it's Saturday, so the bus I was waiting for never came. And Zellers is selling Mini Eggs but I couldn't buy any 'cause my receipt had to be all work-related.

But feathers and sequins and oogly eyes!