Friday, June 11, 2010

I want Hermione Granger (and a rocket ship)!

At work, the roof of our building is being re-done, so our typically peaceful office was filled with the echoes of a thunderstorm. Or a rave with giants dancing in high heels.

I spent a while re-organizing the store room and labeling art work when I came across a sheet of metal. It was a bit smaller than your average canvas size, one side silver, and one black with odd splotches on it, and as I was holding it trying to figure out what the heck it is, I thought, 'oh shit, it's art.'


I guess that's bound to happen at an arts council, we've got tons of forgotten paintings and drawings scattered around, but that momentary wonder of 'should it be thrown out with the saran wrap and Timmies cup of my lunch or be hung on display' made me pause.

As it were, the sheet of metal was just a sheet of metal and not someone's artwork. Good thing I asked.

I walked/bussed home (and got a text message saying to 'hurry up', obviously my friend does not understand transit), then flew about trying to get ready. I was twenty minutes late, and I didn't even get to drink the tea I made.

We were going to see 'A Very Potter Musical' live at a local high school. My expectations were minimal, but tickets were $2 so I figured at the very least it'd be funny  just to mock the poor high school actors trying to get their drama credit.

Surprisingly--no, shockingly, it was fabulous! I think part of what made the show great is that the actors weren't really acting, they were imitating. The blocking, the enounciation, the little gags were all exactly the same as in the original show (which is on youtube and I highly recommend it). I think it also goes to show what a fantastic script it has.

We went to Timmies for a bit and then decided to watch a movie. After raiding a gas station for a ridiculous amount of candy and chocolate and ice cream and smuggling it all into the theatre, we saw Prince of Persia.

I only laughed inappropriately a handful of times.

In a particularly action-y part, my friend leaned over to me and started singing 'with cat-like tread...'

Totally appropriate song, yet totally inappropriate laughter. I just can't win.