Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today's my birthday.

I went to lunch with my grandparents and parents at a local pub and then waited for the silly people with jobs to come over. All my siblings made it, along with my sister's roommate, and we had cake, sang happy birthday and all that jazz.

Afterwords, my dad, sister and her roommate and I went to the casino. For whatever reason, I expected loads more tables, just tons more. Instead, there were only a dozen or so and then rows and rows of slot machines. I do not like slot machines. If I wanted to stare mindlessly at a screen and press random buttons, I'd play FarmVille.

We had dinner at the casino, and then my dad and I played roulette, the one game I've always scoffed at since it involves zero skill. I ended up with ten times more than what I'd put in. Mathematically ten times more, not figuratively. Hehe.

So all in all, today I went to a pub and a casino, and bought a drink and not once was I i.d.'ed. Pfft!


Homegrown said...

I know how you feel ! i've done three things that i couldn't do a month ago, and not once did i get ID'd !! And yeah, that day i saw shawn, let me tell you AWKWARD!
O wait i think i already did tell you...