Friday, November 20, 2009

Life Lesson.

Manical laughter. Thunder. Lightning.

This is awesome, honestly. I feel so evil, except I didn't do anything evil, they just did something stupid!

Texas. Poor, poor racist/sexist/discriminatory Texas. They tried so hard to ban any and all forms of gay marriage that they accidentally banned ALL marriage in the process.

See children, that's what happens when you're pigheaded.


Homegrown said...


Homegrown said...

OMG your comment made my dayy!!
What is MLIA??

The Ousted Princess said...

I know! !
They passed this bill (or whatever the US does) that got really technical about the definition of marriage, and then some lawyer spoke up and realized that technically, all marriages are now illegal. That's what you get for spreading the hate ;)

The Ousted Princess said...!!!

It's like FML or MLIG (My life is great), except it's for people who's life is neither really bad nor really good, just average. All the posts are about awesomely average things, it's hiliarious!