Thursday, October 8, 2009

Two Stops and a Sixpack

Today, there was a drunk on the skytrain.

It was super crowded and he was quite a ways away from me, but I could hear everything that crossed his lips, and that was only one phrase: "Two stops and a sixpack."

He got really excited about it, holding up his grocery bag, showing off his beer like a kid does with an A+ test.

He got so excited that he wanted to sing about it.

First off, that is awesome. I know when I'm drunk, the first thing I'm gonna want to do is burst into 'Iolanthe'.

Unfortunately, when he said 'sing' he meant 'rap' (I'm a fan of the 'can't have crap without rap' theory) and even more unfortunately, he can't rap. So he wobbled there, chanting 'Two stops and a sixpack' with attitude.

And then I realized, woah, that's iambic trimeter. I suck at iambic trimeter, and he's doing it drunk.

He even had the nerve to use alliteration.

Man, poets are weird.